Monroe Community College Showcase

ClientMonroe Community College
Address228 E Main St, #500, Rochester, NY 14604

Monroe Community College

Hearing general feedback from students and parents that campus housing was an amenity they were looking for, Monroe Community College needed a reliable study of the kind of demand they would be facing if they implemented a housing program, plus how they should design, fund, and sustain it. Anderson Strickler analyzed the local market and surveyed students about their housing needs and desires, as well as networked Monroe Community College officials with other colleges promoting successful residence life programs. This helped Monroe officials to learn how to structure and implement a campus housing plan.

With a projected need for 900 beds, Monroe Community College constructed Phase I with 404 beds in 2003; Phase II, with 366 beds, broke ground in 2007.

A leader in providing residence life at the community college level, Monroe Community College attracts students locally and internationally with its enhanced living and learning environment.

Susan Salvador, Ed.D.
Student Services Office