MIZZOU - Testimonial

By all measures, the Mizzou campus has a strong residential character worth preserving and enhancing. The University is recognized for its living-learning communities, which integrate the intellectual and social life of the campus through the residential experience. The housing system was financially self-sustaining, committing substantial resources annually to capital improvements and student life programming. When the University engaged Anderson Strickler, teamed with architects Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas, to develop a residential life master plan, the 19 existing residence halls were near full occupancy, with projected enrollment increases calling for increased capacity.

The students had a great deal of input that helped to lay the key planning principals for the master plan. Research found that student and parent expectations of housing amenities continued to rise, and that students preferred to live in facilities designed to promote the formation of communities, a preference in line with the University’s living-learning culture. In addition, all of the existing buildings required substantial rehabilitation to extend their useful lives, to comply with contemporary building codes, and to meet accessibility requirements. Refurbishment of the residence halls, which were 40-65 years old, would ensure the safety of residents, maintain the financial viability of the housing system, keep Mizzou competitive with peer institutions, and promote the continued success of living-learning programs.

Anderson Strickler provided financial planning and implementation expertise necessary to guide the program and concept development for the master plan, and the successful implementation of a $300 million, 15-year development program citing 35 separate projects. Since the Board of Curators approved the plan in 2001, the University has retained Anderson Strickler to continue to monitor and update the master plan to reflect changing conditions and priorities. “The market has changed so much,” according to Director of Residential Life Frankie Minor, “but the advice that Greg Strickler has given us over time has allowed us to make our system financially viable.”

Mr. Frankie Minor
Director of Residential Life

“Because of the advice that Anderson Strickler has given us over the years, we are able to offer our students what they want in residential life — at the most affordable price at which we can deliver it.”

ClientUniversity of Missouri at Columbia
Location515 5th Street, Columbia, MO 65201