Our Approach and Complete Services

Because we have worked exclusively with colleges and universities for the past 20 years, Anderson Strickler understands the unique concerns of educational institutions as well as your organizational structures, methodologies, and need for third-party verification and consensus. The strategies and solutions we provide blend this understanding with the best of private-sector techniques and efficiencies.

Our Approach

Very early in the planning process—in fact, before your “plans” even become a “process”—Anderson Strickler enhances the value of your housing program, helping you to envision and define your mission. You become a savvy developer of student housing and related facilities, working together in fruitful collaboration with the design team, other specialty consultants from our network of experts, the developer (if that is the route you choose), and the contractors to transform your vision into a sustainable reality.

Our approach is in your best interest

From start to finish, Anderson Strickler serves as your consultant and advocate in developing a student, faculty, or staff housing program that is in your best interest.

Our Services

In collaboration with you, our planning process begins with the evaluation of existing conditions on your campus (through our own resources or in concert with those of a consultant from our network of specialists), an assessment of your needs in campus housing, and then the development of a comprehensive housing plan—for a single project or for your entire campus or system—as well as a plan to implement your project.

Our services are the complete solution

Our services include the following:

⁃ Visioning and goal setting
⁃ Market analysis and due diligence
⁃ Operations analysis
⁃ Facility condition assessment
⁃ Site selection
⁃ Program development
⁃ Feasibility studies
⁃ Financial analysis and planning
⁃ Implementation planning
⁃ Partner and consultant selection