About Anderson Strickler

Our mission is to help you define your vision, develop a research-based and actionable plan to achieve your vision and transform that vision into reality.

Campus Housing and Real Estate Consultants

Housing is more than just an amenity—it brings life to your campus. Your residence program enhances the learning environment for students and contributes directly to the success of your university. Working exclusively with colleges and universities for the past 30 years, Anderson Strickler provides comprehensive housing plans that are based in market realities, financial feasibility, and sustainable.  We help you to define your mission and achieve your vision for campus housing and real estate, crafting implementation plans that reflect your dreams—and also make financial sense. We help you bring your campus to life. 

Our Focus

Anderson Stickler works exclusively with colleges and universities, because we understand their particular issues, strengths, and challenges; organizational structures; and processes. This blend of understanding and best of private-sector techniques and efficiencies — plus direct involvement of our principals —helps our clients achieve success with their campus housing and real estate planning. 

We capture innovative ideas

Campus projects require a broad consensus of support if the final project is to fulfill its potential of meeting the needs of the user — for now for the life of the project. 

We build trust

Our highest and most valuable role is to be a trusted, third party advisor with no vested interest in the recommendations that we make, and only the client’s best interest in mind. 

We fit your needs

In order to develop a program that best suits—economically and functionality—the needs of users and the institution, we base our recommendations on focused market research and input from potential users, programs responsive to the students and institution, and sound financial underpinnings.