The Team

We are the best consulting firm for Campus Housing

Anderson Strickler, LLC (ASL) is a woman-owned consulting firm that specializes in market and financial feasibility studies for student housing. These studies can range from basic market studies through long-term comprehensive plans for large residential systems. Our studies are used not only to generate internal consensus at colleges and universities, but to support the underwriting of project financings.

ASL’s principals, Linda Anderson and Greg Strickler, met at their prior firm in the mid 1980’s and performed not only consulting studies, but were actively involved in the implementation of projects including program and property management. When they started out on their own in 1998, they consciously decided to become strictly an independent consulting company, as they believed that there was an important role to be filled—that of an independent third party with no stake in the outcome of the recommendations of the study.

Student Housing Experience

For over 30 years, the principals of ASL have helped colleges and universities throughout the nation make the most of their student housing investments. From cosmetic renovations to the redevelopment of entire housing systems, we are experts at listening, analyzing, recommending, and implementing student housing plans—no matter how complex the challenge. Since ASL’s inception in 1998, we have successfully completed over 540 student housing studies on over 300 campuses in 44 states.

By design, ASL has remained small and focused on advising colleges and universities on their student, faculty/staff, and Greek housing. We believe this strategy benefits our clients in a number of ways:

• Our size ensures that the firm principals, Linda Anderson and Greg Strickler, have been able to play an integral role in virtually every project.

• Our work is on behalf of colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations. Therefore, we can render advice that is solely in the best interest of our clients.

• Although we do not work for national for-profit developers, we enjoy a mutually respectful relationship that keeps us abreast of the latest public/private partnership structures and implementation strategies.

We are passionate about what we do and our staff members have been with the firm for over 15 years. Very simply, we strive to be the best student-housing consultants in the industry.

Comprehensive Housing Plans

ASL has developed comprehensive housing plans for the following clients. Each of these plans includes a market analysis (interviews, focus groups, off-campus market analysis, student survey, and demand analysis) as well as a program development, a financial plan, and implementation strategy.

Development Advisory Services69
Comprehensive Plans60
Partner Selection19
Feasibility Studies46
Market Due Diligence30
Market Studies/Surveys326
Vice President

Our Top Missions

Anderson Strickler’s mission is to help you define your vision, develop a research-based and actionable plan to achieve your vision, and transform that vision into reality.

Because we work exclusively with colleges and universities, Anderson Strickler understands their particular issues, strengths, and challenges; organizational structures; and processes. We blend this understanding with the best of private-sector techniques and efficiencies, plus the direct involvement of our principals Linda Anderson and Greg Strickler, to help clients achieve success with their campus housing and real estate planning. 

A plan that does not result in a project is nothing much, but a project that does not proceed from a plan is nothing at all. We strive to provide actionable recommendations for projects that are implementable, with facilities that can be efficiently maintained and are ultimately self-renewing and sustainable.


Our Story

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on what we’ve learned in over 20 years in practice:

Campus projects require a broad consensus of support if the final project is to fulfill its potential of meeting the needs of the user—for now and for the life of the project.

Our highest and most valuable role is to be a trusted, third-party advisor with no vested interest in the recommendations that we make, and only the client’s best interests in mind.  

In order to develop a program that best suits—economically and functionally—the needs of the users and the institution, we base our recommendations on focused market research and input from potential users, programs responsive to the students and institution, and sound financial underpinnings.